Regular Sunday Worship Hours:  

      9:00 AM  -  Sunday School...for all ages!  

      9:45 AM  -  Worship Service...with a blend of traditional and  

                          contemporary worship music

    11:00 AM  - Fellowship and Prayer

You are most heartily welcome here!  Most of our members are from other parts of the country or other parts of the world.  Almost all of us were visitors here not so long ago and we want you to feel at home, too.  

Worship is a family event and children are never excluded from that sacred time.  For parents who need a break from an active toddler, we offer a nursery during all services.  All of our employees are certified with a rigorous background check.  We follow a Safe Sanctuary policy, which employees and volunteers commit to annually, and children always have two adults present.  We want parents to know their children are safe here.  

Suits and ties are seldom seen here.  Come as you are and let comfort be your guide.  

If you need more information, just call (703) 670-4143

If you need directions, just click here.